Company name : Financière Aigle des Neiges

Headquarters : Rue de la Vallée Verte Bat Bourbon 1, 13011 Marseille
Tel: +33(0)4 79 06 18 88  

Capital social : 10201000€
TVA : FR26800156820
Siren : 800156820

Legal Représentative : Indevho

Purpose of site: Promotion of the establishment

Web master, design, editing, artistic direction: MM CREATION

Internet hosting : MM CREATION

The site presents:

● Informative content

● A collection of personal data on line

Personal Data Protection : You can read ou Privacy Policy


Ownership : The site and the information that it contains are protected by French intellectual property law and by international agreements. Except for use by immediate family members or private use, the site and any element of its content may not be reproduced, republished, retranscribed, modified or passed on without the prior authorization of the eligible party.


Consummer mediator: After having entered the litigation department and in the absence of a satisfactory answer within 1 month, the client can contact the Mediator of Tourism and Travel, whose contact details and methods of entry are available on his website :

Phone sollicitation: French phone numbers may be registered on the Bloctel platform to oppose to phone sollicitation: Disputes: For any dispute you may refer to the online dispute resolution platform :